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The Hidden Truth About Hacking Exposed

So, yet again, we warned you that hacking / etc and farming results in prohibit as well as Irreversible prohibition (for sure).

And we're declaring that for 600 000 enjoys you'll get 10 gp daily for at least. You'll found out and bonuses will likely be activated with the announcement place! The 600k enjoys are REACHED and we chose to make somewhat more bonuses afterward 10 gp regular.

You have record and to create a christmas carol tune, then post it. The words the key thing and singing must be yours!

Also this is your duty as well as your account, you should be aware of that. And in bunches of those who believed that hacks can be used http://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=5267605011 by them we've couple top degrees. Each of the people that will create a great tune will be awarded by us.

You use another favourite carol tune it doenst matter or can create your personal music and tune. We're also missing id numbers that are ingame to give a 100 contract wars hack tool 2015 gp to them.

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